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You’re canvassing the city, province, and/or country to find a marketing firm to manage your customer/client acquisition and conversion. The conundrum, is whether or not you should go with a large agency, or boutique. You’ve heard rationales that favor each. But what you have to ask yourself is, what do you need out of your relationship? And that’s what you are entering into, a relationship. Do you join the client list of a conglomerate, or bond with a boutique firm? OK, perhaps we’re leading the witness with that question, but allow us to show you why by finding Elevated Profiles, you’re already on the right track.

The Four Keys to What Makes Us the One of the Most Client-Focused Boutique Marketing Agencies in Canada

1. We Keep it Tight-Knit

We don’t want a lot of clients. Say what? It’s true. You see, in order for a firm to stay boutique, it must keep its client list intimate. Only then can it provide the dedicated focus that it needs to succeed against the big agencies out there. And only then, can it provide the attention your business needs to stay ahead of your own competition. That’s us. The Elevated Profiles team has committed to a mission that focuses on results, and thus growing your business. If we see that we’re reaching a point where we’re strained for hours, and that adding one more client means pulling even one resource hour away from your campaign, we won’t do it.

Our success is found solely within the individual successes of our clients. Not in the size of our client list. We know that sounds like a pickup line a marketing firm would give to a prospective client in a bar, but it’s no joke.

2. We Offer Industry Exclusivity by Service Area

Here’s a hard truth. Most online marketing firms look at your competition as client prospects.

Sure, ethical ones won’t put the same account rep on two clients within the same industry to avoid conflict of interest. But as an organization they have no problem soliciting those who offer similar (or the same) products and services that you do, in your very own region.

We may not gain favor with other online marketing companies by putting this out there. But they’re not our clients. You are. We might get some very dirty looks at our next industry trade show. Oh well. We’ve been working out. Not too worried about it.

So here it is in writing. Once your business has signed on with Elevated Profiles, we will not enter into a contract with any other business that offers the same B2B/B2C product/service in your service area. If you’re a Calgary REALTOR, you’re the only one on our roster. If you own an automobile dealership, we won’t park our car in another dealer’s garage. There you have it.

3. We Look at Your Competition the Same Way You Do

Instead of considering your competition as a future client base, we look at them in the exact same way that you do. With fierce abandon. You don’t make a living unless you carve your niche in spite of them. We don’t make our living unless we’re instrumental in making that happen for you.

Our pledge here is simple. You competitor/s, no matter how many or how big or small, is the opponent, if not adversary. We perform an ethical yet in-depth competitive analysis that uncovers their own online marketing strategies, picking apart weaknesses that we can use to your benefit. We build your strategy around this, while staying true to your own unique goals. We ensure that consumers and search engines alike find your business and website to be more of an authority than the ones next door, and down the block (literally and figuratively).

4. No False Reports, No Jargon in Analytics

One of the biggest complaints that SMBs and big businesses alike can’t stand about mainstream online marketing firms circles around reports and analytics.

The SEO/SEM industry at-large is guilty of abusing the analytical, statistical and scientific knowledge that it has. Most firms send their monthly Google analytics and keyword ranking reports to your inbox, peppered by a few sentences that essentially tell you what you want to hear. You become inundated with comparative year-over-year graphs, piecharts, and tables. Because you’re busy doing what you do, you may not bother asking for a breakdown of what it all means, nor do you have the time to figure it out on your own. Most web marketing firms prefer to keep the relationship this way. We don’t.

Instead (there’s that word again), Elevated Profiles wants you to be fully invested in your own analytics. We want to empower you. We sit down with you to go over your reports, explaining the meaning of each graph, piechart, and table (where applicable) along with your custom goal-sets and ROI progress-to-date. At no juncture in our relationship will you be left wondering what’s going on.

Are you ready to enter into a relationship with one of Canada’s most client-dedicated boutique online marketing firms? Contact Elevated Profiles at 1-888-752.2835, at your convenience.