Content Management

What’s the Big Deal About Content?


Content is the king, queen and entire empire of web based marketing. It can set the table for sustainable success and leave competition in the dust. And yet, so few businesses understand its importance and/or how to create, manipulate and maintain it. The reason for this, is that as a business, your focus is (and should be) on your doing whatever it is you do and selling whatever it is you sell.

“Content Marketing is the Only Marketing Left”
– Seth Godin

You see, in order for content to perform as the core of your online marketing strategy, it needs the dedication and focus of a team. Chances are, you don’t have the internal resources to manage this in-house. Elevated Profiles on the other hand, uses a scalable methodology that can be customized to your business/brand in a cost-effective way without sacrificing quality, originality and virility.

Great Content Makes Google Swoon

Laying the Foundation

Whether building a new site or optimizing your current one – you will need a content upgrade. That upgrade involves the writing, editing, and/or rewriting of each page on your website. This is necessary because the content needs to match the updated keyword targets in a manner that gets Google to send visitors your way, while at the same time converting those visitors into customers/clients. Elevated Profiles understands how to match high-conversion landing page content to keyword targets better than any. Once you’ve seduced Google, you’re ready to progress into the courtship phase, your monthly content plan.

“Content Marketing is a Long Term Relationship, Not a One-Night Stand”
– Unknown

Keeping it Fresh

Gone are the days of where you can launch a content-rich website, walk away, and let it bring in customers. Not that it ever really worked that way. Instead, you need to add fresh content approximately once per week. Why? Consumers drive search engines. Google prefers to deliver them websites that remain relevant and current. To remain so, a site needs content that updates with industry (your industry) news along with tips and “how to” information for consumers. Since consumer and search engine demand for more information is insatiable, you must deliver.

“These Days People Want to Learn Before they Buy, be Educated Instead of Pitched”
– Brian Clark

What form does this content need to take to be effective? It must be useful, engaging, original, and media-rich. Elevated Profiles delivers this by offering the following customized content management services:

  • Blogging
  • Press release creation and distribution
  • Infographic/rich-media creation

Great Content Gets Around

Branding and Backlinks

Great content gets noticed. Media, bloggers, and content curators search for it, find it, and reference it. This attribution spreads online word of mouth about your brand and earns links back to the content, on your website. Not only is the brand awareness good for business, attribution links to your website tell Google that you’re an authority in your industry. And that means they are more likely to move you up in rank accordingly.

Social Virility

Content creation is also the key to social media management. Your social strategy depends on it. Otherwise, you’ll still be sharing Donald Trump cat memes into the next decade. Every new
article, graphic, and video you add to your website becomes fodder for your brand’s social media profiles and when the material is good, it can spread across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter faster than well, Donald Trump cat memes.

Convinced? If you’re not, your competitors are. Whomever strikes best will come out on top. Let’s make sure that’s YOU.

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