Automotive Lead Generation Systems for Car Dealers

Auto Finance Leads That Convert

Spend your time closing deals and let us worry about filling your email every day with fresh leads that are ready to finance a new vehicle.

Our team is made of up ex car dealers, sales people, finance managers, and a group of marketing pros. We know the car business inside and out and know how to get the highest quality leads. We don’t use gimmicks or contests. Our advertising is dealer centric, we create ads that attract in-market buyers.

Why spend your marketing budget on print ads or trying to figure out online marketing on your own. We have been generating leads for over 10 years and by using social media, search, and organic traffic we have provided over thousands to sales teams and dealerships across Alberta.

Our process for targeting customers allows us to provide some of the highest quality leads on the market. Some dealers are seeing a 20% closing ratio! That is one massive return!

Why Our Leads?


Your leads are pre-qualified through filters and screening so you won’t waste your resources on unsuitable leads. All leads are fresh, never aged or recycled, and always sent within minutes of submission.

Quick Setup

The leads will start rolling in within just hours, not days or weeks. You’re looking to close more deals with our service today, not next week.


The leads you buy are yours alone – we only sell leads once. We carefully choose our partners to make sure we can provide the right leads to them every time.

Client Area

This is for you. Our client area is where you can keep track of your fulfilled leads, when they came in, and your remaining leads purchased.


Customers can be fleeting, so timing is everything. We send leads to you as soon as they are received. That way, you can get them in your dealership before they shop elsewhere or change their mind. You can contact your leads just moments after they click “submit”.

No Setup Fees

We’ve taken care of the setup for you. Now you just have to finish the task. We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay setup fees to begin receiving hot leads.

Lead Pricing

What You Get

Along with providing you with the lead information to the left, we also scrub the lead for legit phone number, email address and only send leads that earn a monthly income of over $1800 and have been either employed, self employed, retired, or on long term disability for over 3 months.

Info We Provide

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Full Address + Time Living There
  • Full Income Details + Time Receiving Income
  • Self Assessed Credit
  • Type Of Vehicle They Want
  • Monthly Payment Budget
  • Birth Date ( M/D/Y)

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-order Questions

What is the minimum lead order

We cater to small dealerships as well as large dealer groups so we can work with any order size. This is a numbers game, in order to provide the best chance of success our minimum order is 50 leads.

How much do your leads cost?

Our leads range in price from $75 to $195 per lead. We price our leads based on number of leads ordered, the type of filtering your prefer, advanced targeting and more. If you want a quote please feel free to call or email us at

Do you have a return policy

Short answer, yes.

Longer answer: Your marketing money is precious, which we are well aware of. To ensure you’re satisfied with the leads you receive, our return policy is quite clear. We will return any leads with out-of-service phone numbers or email addresses that bounce back, as well as any leads that don’t meet your criteria for the level of lead you’ve purchased.

Lead returns are easily completed from the client portal. Once the lead has been returned, we’ll send you another fresh lead in its place

How quick can we get the leads after they are ordered?

Typically, your leads will start flowing into your email within a couple of hours. Once your order has been received and processed, we’ll get your account up and running so you can start converting those leads into sales. If you wish to have your leads entered into your CRM it does take a couple days for that integration but we will start you right away and send the leads via email.

How do we pay for leads?

You can complete your order by using Master Card, Visa, or American Express. We can also set-up your account using eTransfer, Bank Deposit, or Wire. 

How do we receive the leads?

We find most clients want to receive their leads via email. Leads are sent in an easy-to-read format with all the required information contained. If you’d prefer, we can integrate with your CRM, passing leads directly into your system. Because we don’t want to delay your ability to close deals, we’ll send your leads to you through email until your CRM setup is complete. Usually, it takes a day or two to integrate the leads into your CRM.

How can we keep track of the leads and returns?

Every client has access to their own client portal on or website. We’ll provide you a username and password once you’ve placed your first order. With your login information, you will be able to track the leads you have received, view your invoices, and send back and track your returned leads.

Lead FAQ

Where do your leads come from?

We have several websites that we use to collect applications. These websites are spread across multiple channels including social media and search engines. In addition to paid search advertising, our leads come from organic searches — people seeking out credit approval in your area.

Do you verify your leads for active phone and email?

Our lead system performs a validation check during an application submission, ensuring phone numbers and emails are in the correct format. It’s possible that an occasional email address may bounce back or that a phone number may no longer be in service. Should that happen, you can return the lead to us and we’ll give you a fresh one.

How quick do I get the lead after the customer sends it?

Instantly! Once the customer clicks ‘submit’ on their application, the lead filters down to you. We know that time is the most important factor in subprime financing. We make it possible for you to act on your leads immediately upon the customer’s submission so you have a higher chance to convert the lead into a sale.

Are your leads sold to multiple agents?

Each of our leads is sold to just one dealership. To us, there is no value in pitting our customers against each other, fighting for the same sale and lowering conversion rates. We want to build strong relationships within our dealer network, to help our clients sell more vehicles.

Am I able to get targeted leads from my area?

Definitely! We can target your leads for you in several ways, totally customized based on your desires. Give us a call to determine the right targeting structure for you. We typically target based on a radius around a town or city. If you work in multiple areas we will customize the locations based on your requirements.

What is the closing ration of your leads?

The closing ratio has many factors aside from the lead itself, and that makes this question difficult to answer fully. Some of our higher performing dealerships are closing over 20%.

Not 100% ready to commit and receive leads today?

No Problem, contact us for more information.